Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Cooling

When it comes to season changes, General Heating and Air Conditioning ensures both you and your home will feel comfortable year round. What can you do to feel cool and refreshed in the hot summer sun?

Let’s start with simple cooling tips, and your own body. First, wear clothes that allow for good breathability, such as cotton, hemp, and linen. Second, pick lighter foods, such as salads and sandwiches as opposed to oven, stove-top, or grilled foods, which can warm your body temperature. Third, stay hydrated! Drink lots of water or an electrolyte beverage such as Gatorade in order to prevent dehydration, especially during outdoor activities. Speaking of water, cool showers can help prevent your body from going into heat exhaustion. Lastly, when your home feels warm, typically the basement will feel much cooler. Apart from your air conditioning and cooling system, other simple solutions will keep your home feeling crisp and cool.

When not at home, make sure to close all your windows and draw your blinds to keep the sun from streaming in and heating your home. Remember: south-facing windows get a lot of sun, east-facing windows see the sunlight in the morning, and west-facing windows receive the majority of a day’s worth of sun.

Incandescent light bulbs generate heat. Try switching your bulbs to energy-efficient, compact fluorescent light bulbs, or halogen infrared light bulbs.
Enjoy the summer heat, don’t sweat it!

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